How do I upgrade to a premium subscription plan?

You can easily change plans (upgrade or downgrade) any time you want without concerns.  During installation and setup your account plan is set to Basic, our free plan.  Visit our Plan Levels page for details of each plan.

To upgrade your plan to a premium subscription plan:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select the Change Plan tab.
  3. Select the plan you wish to upgrade to by clicking the Payment Options button.
  4. Select a payment period, monthly or annually, but clicking the Subscribe button under that plan.  Annual plans are discounted.
  5. Follow the payment processing directions. All payment transactions for subscriptions are handled via secure payment processing.  Payments can be made via credit cards (for anyone) or via any PayPal method you have set up (for exisiting PayPal account holders.)

Your new plan capacity will be available to use as soon as you complete the payment process.  See our Pricing Terms for more information.  

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