How to set ParsedCloud not to start automatically in Windows?

The ParsedCloud service is set to start automatically as it needs to periodically poll our system so it knows if someone has sent you a transfer.  It can be turned off like any other Windows service by going into MSCONFIG (from Start menu search) and click the "Services" tab.  Then unchecking the "ParsedCloudTransfer" and "ParsedCloudWaiting" applications.  You can also Quit the service from the application's "File" menu after it has been started.  

If you do this, you should still get notifcations of transfers sent to you if you have them set up  (email, SMS and Facebook are options available via the online account setup).  You can then re-start the ParsedCloud service after getting a notification simply by opening ParsedCloud (double clicking the icon).  You many need to click the refresh icon once.  

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