I didn't get a file that was sent to me with ParsedCloud Transfer. Why?

There are a few possible reasons you might not have received a file that was sent to you with ParsedCloud Transfer.

  • Be sure you are connected to the internet and your ParsedCloud Transfer application is running. If ParsedCloud Transfer is running, there will be a small icon displayed in your Windows notifcation tray area (lower right). The background on that icon is blue for normal operation.   If the background is red, the application is not connecting to our server.   If the icon is red, make sure you are connected to the internet and try closing and opening the ParsedCloud Transfer application.
  • Make sure you have completed activation of the software by responding to the Activation Email.  Check to make sure your application is ‘Connected.’   Connection status is indicated in the lower left corner of the application window. 
  • ParsedCloud Transfer checks for files periodically and just may not have checked on this cycle yet.  You can manually check for files just like your email application checks when clicking Send/Receive.  In ParsedCloud, click the Refresh Icon to instantly check for pending files.  
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