I installed ParsedCloud Transfer. It won't let me send any files. What happened?

Even though you have completed the installation of the ParsedCloud Transfer application, your software will not work until you Activate your account.   The account activation process verifies your email address with ParsedCloud and checks that you have a valid Beta Code (required during Beta).

Upon completing the program installation, ParsedCloud sends you an email to Activate your account. The email will come from notifications@parsedcloud.com . Please check your junk email and online spam filters to make sure the email gets through. We've done what we can to try to make sure the email gets through, but sometimes they still get flagged.  Once you have the Activation email, click the secure link and you will be asked to Login with the email and password you created during installation.

During Beta, you will also be required to input a personal Beta Code to complete Activation.  If you did not already apply for the Beta program, please click the red "Get Started" button in the upper right corner of the ParsedCloud.com website.   If you have already applied, but have not yet received your invitation, we appreciate your patience.  We are in limited Beta and not all applications will be granted immediate access. If you lost your Beta Code, please contact customer support.    

Once you have entered all the information and completed the first time Activation Login, your software will become active and you may start sending files.


For more information, download the Installation Guide from our library

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