Windows SmartScreen is preventing me from running the ParsedCloud installer. What do I do?

During Beta, the Windows SmartScreen filter may pop open a warning the prevents you from running the ParsedCloudTransfer.exe Setup Program.  The ParsedCloud application will not put your PC at risk.   Once we complete our Microsoft certification process during Beta, this message will go away.   In the mean time, please follow these instructions to run the Setup Program.

1.  This assumes you have already double clicked the ParsedCloudTransfer.exe Setup Program or selected "Run" while downloading and have the error message on your screen.

2.  Click "More info" text at the end of the message.   This will list the publisher of the App as "ParsedCloud, LLC".

3.  Click the "Run anyway" button to continue. 

4.  Follow the instructions in the Setup program.  

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