I can't open the Mac Installer Package to install the software.

During Beta you may get a security warning on your Apple Mac computer that "ParsedCloud Transfer can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer."    The program is safe to open and once our App is officially listed in the Mac App Store, this warning will go away.  In the mean time, you can still run the installer package program that you downloaded by following these steps:

1.  Acknowledge the warning and click "OK".

2.  Open "Finder"

3.  Click "Download" under 'Favorites' list on the left side.

4.  Highlight the "ParsedCloudTransfer.pkg" file in the list.

5.  Right click on the highlighted file and then double click 'Open'.

6.  You will get the similar Mac warning message about the unidentified developer, but this message will allow you to continue.

7.  Select "Open" to continue and follow the instructions in the Installer package.


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