Can I use ParsedCloud Transfer on more than one device?

ParsedCloud Secure File Transfer can be installed on more than one device.   In order to do that, follow the installation procedure below. 

NOTE: Before you attempt to install ParsedCloud on a second device, you will need to make a backup copy of your private security key and remember the location that you save it to.  

To install ParsedCloud Transfer on a second device:

  1. Download ParsedCloud Secure File Transfer from the website to your second device.  (click the Download button in the upper right of the home page.)
  2. Run the Setup Wizard program  to install the software (see the Installation Guide in our Library)
  3. Run the Registration application and on the Configure screen, enter the same name and email you used to create your existing ParsedCloud account.  Click Next.
  4. On the Password and Additional PC Installs screen:
           a)  Enter your existing account password 
           b)  Check the Additional Install box
           c)  Browse to find your private key backup file and select it.NOTE  
           d)  Click Next
  5. Complete the installation by selecting Install.

There is no need to backup up your key again when prompted as you already have the backup key saved. 

Once ParsedCloud Transfer is installed on your second device; you may use either to transfer files and messages.   You can even transfer files between devices by sending the transfer to yourself.   If you receive a transfer from someone and choose to download it to Device #1, you will have three days to download it to Device #2 before it is deleted from the system servers.    

NOTE:  If you do not have a backup copy of your private security key, you will need to make one first before attempting to installed ParsedCloud on a second device.   See the FAQ, "How do I backup my private security key?" for details.

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