Why do I need a back up key?

You are the only person with your unique private security key.  ParsedCloud does not have a copy of your key and cannot provide a replacement key for you.  Therefor, we strongly recommend that you make a back up copy of your key and place it in a safe place.  Here are the reasons why.

1.   If you want to use multiple devices in a single ParsedCloud account, you will need to transfer your private key to each device. You will transfer that key using the backed up key.   

2.  If for some reason you need to reinstall the ParsedCloud software (new PC or you are replacing your hard drive or OS) you will need the backup key to restore your device.

3.  We don't want you to lose any files already in transit to/ from you.  

So what happens with ParsedCloud Transfer if you don't have a backup key in these situations?  

  • Any data already sent to others, but not yet downloaded by the recipients will become un-retrievable.  You will need to resend the files.   
  • For any transfers that you have received in your in-box, but not yet downloaded to your PC, you will have to contact the sender and have them transferred again.  You will no longer be able to download them. 
  • If you have multiple machines and install ParsedCloud Transfer on one without using the backup key, ParsedCloud will initialize that new key.  That means that any other devices connected to the same account with the old key will stop working. Those devices would need to be reinstalled using a backup key from this new machine installation in order to share the same account again.  
  • All files that have been previously downloaded by you or downloaded by a recipient are unaffected.           

Follow this link for instructions on how to create your backup key

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