How do I recover a lost key?

If you lose your private security key or the device it is installed on AND do not have a backup copy, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to recover it.  Any data already being transferred to you will be lost.  Although at first glance this may seem harsh, it is the foundation of what makes ParsedCloud truely secure.  You control the key to your data and only you have access to it.  As such, you are responible for creating a back up key and keeping it safe.   Other less secure services will hold a copy of your key for your convenience and say they won't use it.   Is that really what you want?  

NOTE:   One of the best ways to assure you always have a backup key and access to your data is to have the same ParsedCloud account (using the same key) installed on mutiple devices.  See the FAQ, Can I install ParsedCloud on more than one device

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