How is ParsedCloud more secure than other transfer programs?

ParsedCloud is the only cloud file transfer, store or share service that utilizes SPxCore technology. Your files are secured using a process call cryptographic splitting. Once the data is split up (or Parsed), it cannot be decrypted even if you had the key, offering a second level of security. Since files are securely parsed on the sender’s PC before they are sent,a complete set of data is never exposed to the internet or any cloud server as a whole document or in a single encrypted piece.

Files are secured using the intended recipient’s opened lock so that can only be unlocked using that specific recipient’s private key. That private key never leaves the recipient computer and is never stored in the the cloud.  No one but the intended recipient can ready, copy, open, or hack the file intended for them.

ParsedCloud also allows you to send a short secured private message (SPM) with the file.  That SPM gets secured and cryptographically split along with the file. The recipient is the only one who can view that message and they can view that message prior to accepting download of the file. Again, this message can only be opened and viewed via ParsedCloud by the intended recipient who possesses the private key.

ParsedCloud also scrambles the file names. So when they are temporarily stored on the ParsedCloud servers, even an administrator could not view the file name. For privacy reasons, those file name are not normally including in notifications either.  

ParsedCloud does not keep track names of the files you send and or to whom you send them. All of this data remains on your PC, in your control, in your private log files.

ParsedCloud is simply the most private and secure cloud based file transfer and sharing service on the planet.

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