How do I backup my private security key?

Since you are the only person with your private key, ParsedCloud recommends that you make a back up copy. To back up your key, open the ParsedCloud Transfer folder in your Windows Start Menu. Click on ‘Backup Key’. You will then be prompted for your account password and location where you wish to back up your key.

Please keep your back up copy in a safe place. Both the original private key and the backup copy are in your control and should remain in your control at all times.  Your private key is never accessible by ParsedCloud.

NOTE:  Should you need to generate a new key or reinstall ParsedCloud Transfer without the backup key, ParsedCloud will generate a new key for you.  However, any data that is already in transit to you that was not previously downloaded will be unrecoverable and will need to be resent.   

You will need to make a backup copy of your key if you wish to use the same ParsedCloud account on multiple devices since ParsedCloud will require that key in order to set up that second device.   Once you have ParsedCloud installed on multiple devices, those devices also act as backup locations for your key. 

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