How do I stop getting email notifications?

My email inbox is full from all of the notifications. I send and receive a lot of transfers.  How do I stop getting email notifications and empty my email inbox? 

You can turn off your email notifications by logging into your account on and going under 'My Settings'. To stop getting email notifications, deselect the "Email" notification method.  To empty your email inbox, delete the emails that you received from ParsedCloud in your email client, just like you would any other email.   ParsedCloud does not use your email system to transfer any files or secure private messages, so no important information will ever be lost by deleting a ParsedCloud email notificaiton.

For alternative notification methods, you can chose to receive notifications via Facebook or SMS instead of or in addition to email notifications by selecting either of those notifcation methods.  If you choose SMS, you will need to enter your cell phone information.   


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